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surprise visit

July 15, 2010

My dad and stepmom called this past weekend and told us that they would be here on Tuesday for an impromptu visit!

Morgan had such a wonderful time with his Papa–they played with remote control cars all evening and then hit the pool for some racing time. I laughed so hard watching Mo in his little life jacket paddle for all he was worth while my dad cruised beside him saying “I’m pulling ahead…you better go!” Somehow, Morgan always won. That’s the great thing about Papa.

My stepmom was such a welcome sight! I miss having our family nearby and she always teaches me something new about mothering. She patiently demonstrated burping techniques and watched as I nervously gave Leighton a bath. I’m still slightly afraid of her being so tiny and it feels great to be reassured that I’m doing things the right way.   I have three sisters that are so maternal and growing up I just had no interest! Now, I wish that I had those experiences to draw from since I’m on my own for most of it.

My folks picked up some Chinese food and we slurped up some yummy noodles and enjoyed the evening together. Unfortunately, the visit was a short one and they hit the road today to continue on a lengthy trip up the west coast and back down to their ranch in central Texas.

I was totally pysched to get some of my stepmom’s delicous brownies and fresh veggies from her garden. YUMMERS.

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  1. July 15, 2010 1:07 pm

    Sounds lovely!

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