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We're going to miss Nana!

June 19, 2010

J’s mom is leaving this weekend and that means that I am actually going to have to do things on my own starting next week.  I cannot believe that nearly 3 weeks has gone by already! We’ve been so spoiled with our moms helping out that it’s going to be rough going for a few days as we adjust.

Each afternoon, Nana Ellen takes Morgan out for a swim and Leighton and I get a nap. Since I cannot get into the pool for another 3 weeks, I guess that Jeremy will have to pick up the slack on swim time. Morgan has progressed so much during Ellen and his Aunt Maggie’s visit! He is almost dog paddling and has put his entire head under water without inhaling any! I have my rocking chair positioned in our room so that I can look out over the pool and I love watching my little guy splash and play as I nurse Leighton.

Our mothers have been great–laundry has been done, beds have been made, meals cooked, and kiddos have been loved on. I really don’t know how we would have survived without them!

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