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My Saturday–things that I want to remember

May 29, 2010

Right now I cannot find the camera….which doesn’t bode well for next week 🙂 But we’re having a wonderful day as a family and I wanted to write something GOOD to remember that even though pregnancy was stressful and crazy for me that there were great days where I was just happy to be a mom and a wife and to feel so much love in our home.

Today we worked on Morgan’s room–putting in a new book shelf and arranging furniture so that it looked lived in with the crib gone. I tackled my fear of crafting over the past week and made a collage portrait of a big frog that matches the one on his bedding. Morgan loves it! He keeps telling me “Thank you Mommy for making my frog!” We hung it low over the book shelf so that he can enjoy it. I see all of the flaws in it–he thinks it’s great! That’s family 🙂

Jeremy rearranged the paper lanterns to better our view of the little green guy and Morgan happily handed him tools and supervised in between rocking his baby doll and diapering it before putting her down for a nap. My heart swells when he makes connections like “baby has little pooh diaper–Morgan wears big boy underwear!” He tells his baby doll that she’s cute and he loves her. He wants all of his future siblings things to try out on his baby doll. Dolly has rocked in the bouncer, worn several newborn diapers, had her first binky, and wears mittens so that she doesn’t “Scratch her face”. Jeremy observed that our little guy is waaay more comfortable with these tasks than mommy. Funny but true!

We had lunch at a local chinese restaurant and Morgan insisted on taking every bite with his chopsticks. We discovered a new passion for Crab wontons and Chicken Lo Mein. It’s rare to see him get enthusiastic in a restaurant so I was happy that he dug in! When he was done, he sat in my lap with his blanket and told me how much he loves me. My heart feels like it’s swelling today for this sweet and polite little boy who is so kind. He appreciates every little thing right now and it is wonderful.  We use a lot of positive language in our home and it is shining through in the way that he speaks to us.

On the way home, he asked for a haircut–so J dropped me off at the house and the boys headed back to the barber shop. I could tell that Jeremy was quite apprehensive, he hasn’t handled this solo before. Morgan is a champ during hair cuts, so I know everything will be fine and he will be looking even MORE handsome for his Nanas when they arrive next week.  He’s learning that boys are handsome and girls are beautiful and it is so cute to hear him say “Mama, you Boo-tee-full”  He has me wrapped around his little finger!

I’m still anxious, but feeling more centered. I only have a few more of the dreaded Heparin shots to go and then we will meet our newest family member. Can’t wait!

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  1. May 30, 2010 1:10 pm

    So precious, that little boy of yours! I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying these last few days before the newest member makes a grand entrance. I can’t wait for you!!

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