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Just call me Mom

May 16, 2010

I earned my “Mommy Stripes” yesterday. It was my third day at home with a sick little one–his fever kept going from 100-102 most of the time, making for a very cranky bug! Then, yesterday afternoon I had a feverish, screaming little guy with a temp of 103.7 at 4pm on a Friday.

J was out of town at a conference and he kept telling me that it was a virus and that there is really nothing that a doctor can do other than keep up with Tylenol and Motrin and keep him comfortable–but I could just see my future in the emergency room at some god awful hour on a Friday night/Saturday morning…getting triaged into a multiple hour long wait while more severe cases were called ahead of us again and again. Then insert into this pretty mental picture the fact that I am due to give birth and my child is likely contagious! Agh.

I called the peds office and Morgan’s doctor was booked solid, so they suggested the walk in clinic next door. I imagined the worst–but was pleasantly surprised by only a 20 minute wait with Morgan sleeping on my belly bump in the waiting room. The belly baby was protesting big brother’s intrusion onto her territory (Cat is officially out of the bag on sex of baby due to FB commentors!) but we all managed to survive!

I had dosed him with Motrin before the trip and benadryl for the rash that was spreading from arm to arm across his chest and belly so he was conked out until we actually went into the exam room.   This is a REALLY good thing for a little one who has been traumatized by multiple blood draws in his short life because going to the Doctor really terrifies him.

We saw a nurse practioner with an excellent bedside manner who confirmed Doctor Daddy’s viral diagnosis–but given the fact that it was Friday and rush hour and life always seems to get worse, she wrote us a script for Amoxycillin “just in case”.  I haven’t filled it–but having it was a huge relief.

Morgan and I made it home after his strep culture came back negative and there was nothing more we could do. His fever had receeded and we both decided that we had earned some pizza delivery that evening! Exhausted, my little man went down at 7:30 bolstered with some Tylenol and more benadryl for the rash that now had taken over his face as well. Eczema is a nightmare for us when stress is an issue!

I watched a chick flick and took a hot bath and was out in time to hear Morgan over the baby monitor requesting “Milk, Mommy! Peez!”.  I filled a glass with watered down apple juice and made my way into his room –it was a quarter till eleven and his skin was blazing hot. His temp had spiked at 104.7!

“Want to sleep in Mommy’s room?” I asked while he greedily drank the ice cold water/juice. Thank goodness he was keeping up with the fluid intake! Even when I wouldn’t let him have milk because he seems to throw it up whenever he has a fever.  We fixed another glass and carried his pile of blankets and pillows into my room for the night.

“Thank you Mommy for letting Morgan sleep in Mommy’s bed.” How sweet is that? He put his tiny little hand in mine and asked for his “Cubbers”. I think he might have even sighed in pleasure once he was bundled up with his favorite blankies and ready for sleep.  I dosed the fever again–it seemed like we would never make it out of our rigid 4 hour dosing schedule….and we went to sleep.

Thank goodness we made it through the night.  My guy woke up at 7am with a slight temperature but no worse for the wear and we welcomed Jeremy home with open arms when he arrived at the house at 9am! He had switched to an earlier flight and I have never been so glad to see him!

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  1. pursuit of poppy permalink
    May 17, 2010 12:49 am

    Yikes – that sounds like quite a day! So glad to hear that it’s only a virus. Hope it clears up and he’s feeling better soon!

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