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Meatless Monday: Southern Living's Black Beans and Coconut Lime Rice

May 4, 2010

We made this tonight from the May issue of Southern Living! (click on link for full recipe)

This recipe for spicy black beans and delicious coconut lime rice was an instant hit with Jeremy but Morgan stuck to the fresh blueberries and cucumbers with ranch on his plate this evening. I think that he was full from downing a handful of crackers after returning home from a a playdate, though.

The rice with toasted coconut flakes and fresh lime zest and juice really made this recipe unique for someone like me who has a million recipes for “black beans and rice”.  To make it truly veg friendly, substitute lite coconut milk for chicken broth!

Note: it wasn’t blood sugar friendly–but that is likely because I had a huge portion of it rather than having a half portion with a fiber rich salad as I knew that I should have. boo!  The sweetened flaked coconut in the rice was just addictive. I am glad Jeremy is happily packing the leftovers for work tomorrow so that Iwon’t be tempted to over indulge again!

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