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2nd Growth Scan and GD update

May 1, 2010

We finally got the results of our second growth scan yesterday–baby is in the 20th percentile, weighs about 4lbs and is on track to be around 6-6.5 lbs at birth if estimates are correct. I am thrilled that we did not lose any momentum with growth!

My Dr also said that I should consider myself a gestational diabetic based on the blood sugar readings from the past 2 weeks. 😦  I knew it was coming…but it still stinks!  I am supposed to go back next week with my blood glucose log to see if I will need to be on insulin after making some dietary changes.

So, I’m cutting out “concentrated sweets” this week–goodbye calcium fortified orange juice and sneaking m&m’s.  Hello super high fiber bread in the mornings and veggies at lunch and dinner (something that I used to do automatically, but pregnancy nausea took my desire for healthy eating away.)

I am trying to stay positive and I know that this will help me get my healthy eating habits back on track.

I had my farewell cheeseburger before the appoint ment–wish I had known it would be the last for a while!

My basic meal plan is 3 carbohydrate exchanges per meal, with protein and fat. The diet plan that the nurse in the antipartum diagnostics clinic gave me is fairly simple.  As an RD, we like to complicate things a bit more so I will probably make out my own individual 2300 calorie plan.  I only have a few weeks of pregnancy left and I don’t want to spend them getting 2 insulin shots, a lovenox shot, and 4 fingersticks every day–but I have to do what is best for the baby.  Gestational Diabetes can wreak havoc on their little systems and cause a lot of problems if uncontrolled!

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  1. pursuit of poppy permalink
    May 1, 2010 7:01 pm

    That really stinks about the GD. I just went for my 1 hour test yesterday and my fingers are crossed that it comes back negative!

    You’re being a trooper about all of your pregnancy difficulties though! And you are so close to the finish line!!!

  2. May 2, 2010 7:56 pm

    I’m sorry you have GD but you only have a little longer Jen. You can do it for that precious baby of yours!

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