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Happy Easter to All!

April 5, 2010

I am finally mobile again…but still very tired. Baby Elmo belly weighs a ton and I could literally nap all day long 🙂

Big thanks to my girlfriend Liana for giving up a week to fly out and help me through the chaos last week. I would have never survived without her. She’s such a love–one of those true friends that can be counted on through thick and thin. I love her for happily waking up each morning to heft my boy into his car seat for the trip to school and for making sure that I never had to lift him into a high chair or bend over during bath time–giving me precious days to heal so that I could tackle this week without tears.

My beloved “Ether Bunny” aka Jeremy arrived home from call early this morning and like the magical kind of dad that he is, cleaned the living room and set  up Morgan’s Easter basket before waking us for the surprise. We enjoyed the delighted look on our little guys face as he exclaimed ” I love bunny!” and had a wonderful breakfast out this morning before most families were even out of their jammies. Bliss.

Morgan and I took a long nap in the afternoon and then woke to make our dinner–honey glazed ham with mashed potatoes and green beans. Our normal vegetarian little actually ate 3 helpings of the ham. Hmm??

Happy Easter to you!

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