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It happened over the last few weeks…

April 3, 2010

I have officially begun to burst out of my earlier purchased maternity clothing.  What started as a creeping of fabric at the waist has become a full on buddha belly hanging out of my pajamas or my jeans and it ain’t pretty.  The tees and tanks that I wore on our trip to Turks and Caicos in December are too tight and too short to wear outside of the house now and tents are looking like an option….

I experienced a bit of sadness knowing that 2 out of 4 pairs of maternity jeans are now too tight for wear. Demi panels are crushed under the weight of growing baby elmo and only the stuff that boasts of “secret fit belly” and “no panel” will work.  I am still happily rocking my beloved Paige Premium maternity jeans–I just have to add a band for support above the no-panel waist.   Tunics are optimal at this point unless I want slices of  baby elmo belly to be visible to casual bystanders.

Ahhh ladies…we have entered 30 weeks. I have ten weeks left to carry this child and stubbornness argues that I don’t want to shop anymore…while pride demands that the bump be covered and self esteem be preserved.

Some things I am loving:

Lilac Maternity clothes which can be worn after pregnancy as well–thanks to shirring and clever wrap design.

Slip on shoes

Scarves, earrings…anything that fits predictably day to day

Maxi Dresses. Soon the weather will be warm enough to shed the cardigans and enjoy these comfy tents to their fullest!

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