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Cranky Pants 2.0

March 15, 2010

That would be both Mommy and Morgan.

J finally took my (well intentioned) nagging advice and went skiing Saturday in New Mexico. I am so happy that he had great snow and a wonderful time–he works so hard and rarely takes a day for himself to do whatever he wants. Life usually creeps in when he’s not working with the endless day to day stuff.

I had planned this perfect day with my little guy. The weather was an awesome 75 degrees and I made a picnic for the park, complete with heart shaped sandwiches and Morgan’s favorite pineapple on tooth pick skewers.  J and I are fools for appetizers and it makes me laugh to see the little guy thrill to anything bite sized and perched on a tooth pick.

Enter the cranky toddler: he’s been insisting on wearing his Buzz Lightyear pj’s for THREE days in a row and refused to get dressed or leave the house. I’m sure the neighbors heard him wailing “Morgan Jammies ON! No PARK!” over and over and over and….yeah.

Not to be denied my images of sunshine and smiles, I hauled the picnic blanket and pillows outside to our crispy brown patch of grass and told myself that it was REALLY easier than hauling the entire picnic to the park while 7 months pregnant and alone with an uncooperative toddler anyway and then fixed myself a nice club soda with orange juice. Yummy Sparkly Delicious Stuff!

The return of Cranky Pants–he kicked. He screeched. He refused to eat my beautiful picnic lunch and any fuzzy ideas that I had about getting some cute pictures were ruined. I began thinking beligerant thoughts about how boys never appreciate the important things in life and went absolutely hormal…polishing off most of the picnic for two in the process. I would have died if the neighbors were peeping over the fence to see me wallowing on the blanket like a big shamu shoveling cream cheese sandwiches and pineapple skewers down my throat with a terse expression.  Then my sparkling orange drink fell over on the blanket and I MIGHT have teared up as Morgan dumped shovel fulls of sand onto the picnic area from his sand box.

The revenge of Mommy going CRANKY PANTS was interrupted by this sweet toddler voice asking for pineapple. UGH. Of course I had eaten most of it and had to go inside to make more. Thank goodness we were not actually at the park….then he looks at me and says in his most friendly and placating tone “Mommy, Park??” Damn the kid is flawless with timing.

So, we called some friends and loaded up for the park. The afternoon was a blast! It gave me those precious hours that I need to hear adult voices and that I am not alone and it gave Morgan the ability to run himself silly with one of his favorite playmates.

And then…Cranky Pants rears his ugly head when it was time to go. It is always so much fun to be bitch slapped in the mouth by your child in public while he spits at your face. Not sure where they learn it…but it’s awful. Lots of counting to ten while I wrestled him, the diaper bag, and the sand toys into the car. Fortunately he was over it in about 30 seconds on the drive home…but the rest of the afternoon was filled with tired tantrums until daddy arrived flushed and happy later that evening.

I topped the night off with dropping a half full can of crushed tomatoes that splashed all over my face and shirt while making dinner and just sat outside watering my brown grass and steaming while J attended to the grouch. Asking if I was ok just brought on hormonal tears. We see alot of those lately. Thank goodness my hubs was refreshed from a day off and patient.

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  1. Cindy permalink
    March 16, 2010 5:24 pm

    Oh my!

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