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Toddler Food

March 18, 2009

Carrissa–The sweet potato crinkles are a McCain’s Foods USA product purchased from our local Albertson’s grocery store. I had not seen them before. I know that Walmart carries a sweet potato fry that we enjoy as well. I’m sure your adorable little ones would love them.
As for the teeny portions, Morgan did ask for seconds of the sweet potato fries but the 1/4 burger and 1/4c fruit were enough. I always start small and offer seconds. That way he cannot fill up on one food too early to sample them all!
Off topic, but isn’t he just cute??

Monday night’s dinner: Veggie burger (tomato basil pizza flavor), sweet potato crinkles, mixed fruit. Morgan and I eat a lot of vegetarian dishes while Daddy is working and this is one of our easy meals.

But, now that I’m home–I actually have a bit more time for cooking. This week, I am so excited about trying the “best Brussels sprouts” recipe from the Vegan Lunchbox cookbook and website.
Jennifer McCann, who wrote the cookbook–raises her son on a delicious Vegan diet and shares her recipes for animal free school lunches. Now that she has finished the book, she is sharing different menus on her website. I love to check in regularly to see what creative culinary delights she has whipped up!
You can get the recipe for her “best Brussels sprouts” on this page as well as many others that are posted publicly for those who do not own the cookbook.
I had intended to post a photo of the sprouts, but I ate them so fast that I had nothing to show but an empty bowl. The recipe calls for sauteeing and then steaming the sprouts and then finishing with an apple cider glaze made directly in the pan that is out of this world.
For those of you who think you’ve hated Brussels sprouts since you were about six…FORGET EVERYTHING that you know! These are sweet, slightly sour, and delish!
I’m planning to test them on the little guy very soon…I just need to buy more sprouts!
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  1. abc123vn permalink
    March 18, 2009 9:55 pm

    I agree he is so cute! Please tell this mom whoes children LOVE their sweet potatoes where to get those sweet potatoe crinkles, oh how they would LOVE those. So cute and a great meal…question is that all Morgan eats? Johanna would eat that three times over in one meal! Ok Morgan is adorable!

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