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Dad's Corner

May 6, 2008

No posts for a while. i’ve been a bit lazy- and traveling. my wife stole my thunder with the whole poop thing so i’ll let that stuff go. all i can say about it is “holy crap.” no pun intended. Ha Long bay was pretty incredible. as you can see from the picture below it’s very much like Lake Havasu during spring break. Morgan was doing formula keg stands and he and his buddy Max organized a wet t-shirt contest, which Max won (but he weighs like 10 pounds more than Morgan so it wasn’t really a fair fight).

as beautiful as it was, i was definitely happy to get back to hanoi. it was pretty much the worst night of sleep i’ve ever had. at one point Morgan had bullied me out of my spot and was sprawled out in the middle of my bed while i was stuck in the crack between the two beds. i’m used to that kind of behavior from jen but not from someone that i outweigh by nearly 13 to 1.

we were so worn out by our trip that we totally missed out on Cinqo de Mayo last night. the big guy was really disappointed to miss out on the margaritas and mariachis that i promised him but i told him we’d make up for it when we get back to Old El Paso (can anyone say Carlos and Mickey’s?).

anyway, Mo is passed out on a couple of pillows in the middle of the living room floor right now after imbibing a couple of CC’s of Benadryl for an itchy head. i think i’ll join him after imbibing a couple of Heinekens for an empty stomach.

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  1. Doug permalink
    May 6, 2008 10:59 am

    Spring Break in Vietnam….now that’s an idea. Tinsae & Morgan will have to remember that when they are in the Class of 2028 or 2029 at Colgate. Maybe Vietnam for Spring Break and Ethiopia for Senior Week. Their girlfriends will love it!

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