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April 14, 2008

I spent the weekend packing for our trip. I leave next Sunday for a conference in Austin and do not return until the day before our flight, so I wanted to make sure that I am ready to go.

For the baby, we are carrying two boxes of diapers–sort of insane–but the rumor is that diapers are not very good in VN. We are also toting formula and rice cereal, but plan to buy whatever Morgan is eating to use during the trip and to transition him slowly to American formula once he arrives home.

I have been going crazy with baby clothes…and HATS. If you know me, I love my hats. Jeremy is complaining that our kiddo will be metrosexual from the moment he lands in my arms. Not to worry, though. His grandpa has already promised a football as one of his first presents. That should balance out the cute gymboree outfits in his closet 🙂

Frankly, I am very excited and more than scared to death about the next few weeks. I hope that he likes us and I hope that the transition isn’t too hard for him. We have all the love in the world for this little guy…can’t wait to meet him!

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